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Socio-environmental Photography workshops


suite page socio environmental projectWorkshops´description for Indonesia

My current project is to propose these workshops in different places of Indonesia.

As an occidental artist coming to Indonesia, I feel the importance to share my work and skills, as much for communicating who I am and where I come from, as for sharing time, cultural differences and similarities, triggering reflexions and questions.
In this way, the artistic medium of photography becomes a tool to confront perceptions and develop a wider and personal viewpoint related to international socio-environmental concerns.

habitations in a swiss suburb


urban garden






wheat field


small town in France





The structure of the workshops and shared selection of my artwork (photos and videos), allow questioning and developing personal reflexions about human and societal habits in relation to the environment.

Basic photography skills are taught – based on the level of the participants – , along with personal/group photographic fieldwork on the topic.
In addition, conversations on the topic and presentations, are proposed opportunities for the participants to learn/develop a foreign language skill.

Language possibilities for the workshops are english, italian, french or spanish.
Duration of workshops may vary from 1 to 3 days.


24 heures en France

screenshot from « 24 hours in France »

24 heures en Allemagne

screenshot from « 24 hours in Germany »







Through my images, representing different facets of Europe concerning human behavior towards the environment, the participants discover my perception of what these countries can look like, while practicing/learning another language.



urban river side

Depending on the language level of the participants, group talks are proposed.
Rich conversations and discussions can be stimulated about cultural differences and similarities regarding notions of respect, human behavior in daily life, trash and waste treatments, different concerns, notions of recycling, and so forth.

The photographic fieldwork is intended to follow the theme and group reflexions. The participants are brought outdoors in order to create their own pictures, while developing a personal observation and reflexion. They are pushed to express through a photographic process their opinion about the local relationship with the environment, to research how to represent it in an artistic way, and which message they want to share.



If the participants do not have their own camera,I have an extra photo-camera and disposable cameras may be used.

At the end of the workshop, participants are invited to present their photos, explaining their work in the language they chose to learn.

DSC_0455 copy

Bajo village in Sulawesi

worker at Ijen mines

worker at Ijen mines









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